RFCv3 #21

NAR log 201Our theme on Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachian Radio this week is ‘Out Like A Lion.” In our second hour we are going to give you an onslaught of hard-rock and heavy metal with enough f-bombs in the lyrics to sink a dozen low-powered FM stations.

You can hear this episode now in the Voices of Appalachia Archives HERE.

Part of our second hour is a five-song mini-theme-within-a-theme featuring local metal vocal legend (and RFC production assistant), Lee Harrah. We have five songs sung by Lee with five different bands.

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Before we get loud we start things off with a bluegrass classic, courtesy of the stars of this week’s RFC MINI SHOW, the Possum Kingdom Ramblers.

The Playlist

Possum Kingdom Ramblers “Land of the Lost”
Uncle Eddie and Robin “All Naked Women”
Stephen Beckner “Olive or Twist”
Pepper Fandango “Bad Scene”

The Silvers “Running Away”
Under Surveillance “Broken Lullaby”
The Jims “Masquerade”
Time And Distance “War”

From The Future “Hot Taco”
Doctor Curmudgeon “Lucabration”

Billy Matheny “Christless Streets”
The Big Bad “Out of the Morgue”
Wolfgang Parker “Among The Ash Heaps (and Millionaires)”
Ann Magnuson “Some Kind of Swinger”

keep-calm-listen-to-heavy-metalHour two of RFC is OUT LIKE A LION

A Place of Solace “Breakdown”
Trielement “Look Ma (No Hands)”
John Lancaster “Something To Fade Into”
Science of the Mind “Suffer”

Frauenfeld “Growing Up”
Bobaflex “School For Young Ladies”
Karma To Burn “Waltz of the Playboy Pallbearers”

Lee Harrah closes the show

Lee Harrah closes the show

Syphter “Growing Painful”
Stone Ka Tet “Be Her Truth”
Ghosts of Now “Gold Man Rising”
Watt 4 “I Don’t Deserve You”
HarraH “CODA (I Gotta Get Out)”

As promised, we close the show with five songs from bands with which Lee Harrah contributed lead vocals.

Next week RFC on NAR returns with another brand-new show.