It was a busy and fun-packed weekend here in Charleston. Anybody who complains that there isn’t anything to do in Charleston just isn’t looking. There was too much stuff to do. Case in point:

Friday night I attended the performance by the No Pants Players at the Labelle Theater in South Charleston. Even with a truncated cast, the Pantsless crew put on a hugely entertaining show that drew fans from as a far away as Kentucky. They also performed Saturday evening. The next No Pants Players extravaganza takes place during FestivAll. Details to come.

Saturday afternoon, uncle-y duties prevented me from dropping by the book signing by Robin Boyd at Taylor Books, but I’m sure I missed a cool time. I’ll have to stop by and grab a copy of her book later this week. Late in the afternoon, I tuned into the Kentucky Derby to see if the horse that shares its name with a wrestling personality (Sinister Minister) would win the big race. He didn’t.

Saturday evening, Mel and I caught our Gazz Editor himself, Doug Imbrogno, along with Paul Callicoat performing as “DouglasEye” at Capitol Roasters on Summers Street. Fifteen years we’ve been writing for Doug, and this was the first time we got a chance to hear him sing. We were both quite impressed, even more so when we found out that this was the first time Doug and Paul had performed together. It sounded like they’d been working together for years. As we were sitting there, enjoying the performance, I realized that this was the first time that I’d been out to hear live music (not counting seeing Mel perform) in a decade. I gotta start getting out more. Thank God for smoke-free venues!

Sunday was a day of rest. Or, in my case, it was a day for the mighty hefting of large appliances and pieces of furniture. I don’t think there was anything major to go to Sunday night, but with new episodes of “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” “Desperate Housewives,” “American Dad,” “Robot Chicken,” and “King Of The Hill,” who cares? There’s nothing wrong with spending an evening watching great TV.