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Toy Fair 2020: Superhero Roundup part one: DC Comics

Since your PopCulteer decided not to attend Toy Fair in New York this year due to health reasons, we are once again doing our coverage remotely, borrowing images from folks who are on-site, and linking to their coverage so that they can get the proper attribution and hits and everything.We will be linking to sites such as ToyArk, Bleeding Cool,, Mego Museum, The Toy Book and more.

Some of our images were picked off of social media, with no attribution given, so we will note that when it happens, and correct it if the persons responsible come forward.

There are tons of Superhero toys coming out this year, with DC, Marvel and other super-powered characters arriving in toy aisles to fight crime and bust budgets. We have a lot to go over here, so let’s start with DC Comics. We’ll cover Marvel and the others in later posts.

DC Comics

The image at the head of this post is the first official shot of prototypes of the upcoming 8″ DC Comics figures coming from MEGO. These are from Toy Fair and are courtesy of our friends at MEGO Museum, who have more photos and info at their site. MEGO Museum was given the okay to publish these photos after an unscrupulous “toy journalist” took photos, despite there being signs asking people not to take them, and smeared them all over social media, which caused quite a headache for MEGO, since these toys are still early in the approval process, and these are not what the final product will look like.

These were announced (and some of them shown) last year at MEGO Meet, but those of us in attendance were asked not to even take photos. Sadly, some folks feel that they don’t need to honor such requests. It’s cool to get a look at this work in progress, but it’s a shame that it was because the images were leaked by somebody with no ethics.

We are still awaiting word on the final price and which retailers will carry these figures, but the line is going to be a shared exclusive among three or four retailers, and the price is said to be on par with what MEGO figures already sell for, so it’s safe to guess the final retail price will be in or near the fifteen-dollar range. The finished product will look much better than these prototypes, with re-sized heads and improved tailoring and packaging.

There are also DC Comics Multiverse figures coming from McFarlane Toys, and you can see a photo gallery of those at ToyArk.

McFarlane’s DC Comics Multiverse figures are already showing up in stores, since his license began on January 1 of this year.

In the collectors market, Diamond Select will be offering several DC Comics statues and collectibles, while the DC Direct name has been resurrected, and will be used on statues and action figures. You can see their full line-up HERE.

Iron Studios will be offering a line of “DC Comics Through The Ages” statues.

Medicom will release insanely-expensive figures of Batman and Shazam. You can see those HERE, along with Michael Jordan.

Jada Toys will have a full slate of DC Comics Die Cast in different scales, which you can see HERE.


Spin Master has the main, mass-market toy license for DC Comics, and you can see a gallery of photos from their booth HERE. These are also in stores now, with both 4″ and 12″ figures showing up at Walmart and Target. Bleeding Cool has a good gallery of photos from the Spin Master booth HERE.


Mezco will be offering 4″ collector figures based on Batman 66 and the Max Fleischer Superman. You can see those in this gallery at Bleeding Cool, even though their reporter didn’t recognize the Fleischer Superman, and thought these were from Kingdom Come. That gallery is a lot of fun, because you can also see the upcoming One:12 figures of DC and Marvel characters, plus Popeye, Conan, Aliens, Living Dead Dolls and everything else that Mezco makes.



Later today we’ll bring you updates on Marvel Comics action figures. Keep checking PopCult.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    I’m going to miss Mattel’s DC line, and I have no use for McFarlane, but I like what I see from some of the others here.

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