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Toy Fair 2020: Superheroes part two: Marvel and More

Since your PopCulteer decided not to attend Toy Fair in New York this year due to health reasons, we are once again doing our coverage remotely, borrowing images from folks who are on-site, and linking to their coverage so that they can get the proper attribution and hits and everything.We will be linking to sites such as ToyArk, Bleeding Cool,, Mego Museum, The Toy Book and more.

Some of our images were picked off of social media, with no attribution given, so we will note that when it happens, and correct it if the persons responsible come forward.

When it comes to toys, Marvel is a little easier to cover than DC.

Hasbro has the master toy license, and they’re pretty stingy about sharing it with other toy companies. Basically, you have Marvel action figures that most people can afford, and then you have very expensive collector figures made by smaller companies for the hobby market.

Hasbro’s bread-and-butter is the Marvel Legends line, and you can see galleries of it HERE, HERE and HERE. They have a ton of cool stuff coming out, and Marvel fans and collectors should have plenty to look forward to in the coming year.

Hasbro also makes the budget-line, 12″ Titan Heroes figures, which I think suck, but they sure do sell in high numbers. You can see what they have planned for the next Venom Movie HERE.

You can see the Mezco One-:12 Marvel figures HERE. These are pricey, but look incredible. That gallery has tons of non-Marvel stuff in it, too, but it all looks really cool.

S.H. Figuarts offer really cool-looking, really expensive figures too. And you can see their Avengers offerings HERE.

Look for our post about other superheroes next week. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Hasbro’s gonna make me go broke. But this is some seriously cool stuff.

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