We’re kicking off Toy Week with a double shot of twisted cuteness from Toy Vault, an independent toy company based in Corbin, Kentucky. Toy Vault has been around for the better part of the last decade. They had the license to produce action figures based on “The Lord Of The Rings” long before Peter Jackson’s movies were even in production, and they’ve always had a great sense of fun with the toys they produce. Lately, they’ve been turning their talents to the world of plush, but instead of just giving the world more imitation Beanie Babies, Toy Vault has brought the world of the weird to the plush toy section.

Cthulhu, Demon Lord Of The Cuddly

When you think of H.P. Lovecraft, you don’t normally think of plush toys. The folks at Toy Vault don’t think like most of us, and they’ve treated us to a delightful array of bizarre stuffed animals of Lovecraft’s “Great Old One”, the demonic world-eating monster, Cthulhu. You can get Cthulhu dressed as a superhero, Cthulhu the hand puppet, Cthulhu dressed as Elvis, and even Santa Cthulhu. This year Cthulhu becomes a love monster, as Toy Vault brings us, Valentino Cthulhu.

From the description tag: “Dressed in an sexy ensemble that shows off his feminine side, Cthulhu is dressed this spring in this evocative outfit from designer Toee Vouwt. Featuring a color palette derived from the exotic cinnamons of the Orient, and ebony from deepest Africa, Valentino, as he is known to his many admirers.” The Valentino Cthulhu is 15 inches tall, 13.5 inches around and 5 inches deep.

Toy Vault also has the license to produce plush toys based on Monty Python and Godzilla, so huggable Cthulhu is right up their alley. Valentino Cthulhu will be available in April through specialty and online retailers, but he’s going to be a limited edition.

Go Ahead, Step On These Spiders

Eight legs per comfy Spider Slipper, makes for interesting footprints in the snow to say the least. Toy Vault has expanded their line of inappropriately creepy footwear with Plush Spider Slippers. These furry and friendly slippers are sure to keep your feet warm and anyone with arachnophobia at bay.

The slippers are made for 1 size fits most (sizes 9-13) with a black and gray color scheme. They each have 8 legs, 2 mandelas for capturing prey and many eyes to see from multiple angles. The Plush Spider Slippers are 15 inches long, 13.5 inches around and 5 inches high. You can also find these tootsie warming terrors at specialty and online retailers beginning in April.