tuesday-4-18-lgoOur internet radio station, The AIR, is making Tuesdays bigger than ever with three specialty music programs.  Today, Radio Free Charleston opens with Deni Bonet, The Swing Shift brings you an hour of great Swing Music and Dexter Checkers picks it up with the second hour-long edition of Ska Madness.  You can tune in at The AIR Website, or just settle down right here on this embedded radio player…

A t 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday join us for a new hour of great local music on Radio Free Charleston. This week we open the show with a new track from Deni Bonet, then launch into a trek through the RFC archives. The playlist is below the jump.

At noon we offer up three hours of Radio Free Charleston from just a few weeks ago, so you can overdose on great local music.

3 PM sees a brand-new episode of The Swing Shift, featuring Royal Crown Revue, Joe Jckson’s Jumpin’ Jive, Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Buddy Rich and more. You’ll find the playlist for this week’s show below the RFC playlist.

5 PM sees the return of Dexter Checkers and Ska Madness. This is the first hour-long edition of the program, and in it Dexter brings you the entire debut album, “I Just Can’t Stop It,” by The English Beat.

At 6 PM our daily New Music Show continues, while at 6:30 PM, by Popular Demand, it’s The Crazy Show. At 7 PM we offer up a replay of The RFC Interview with Mark Wolfe, and at 8 PM it’s a replay of last weeks Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.

10 PM is when Radio Free Charleston is heard again, followed by last week’s Radio Free Charleston International, and an all-night marathon of Radio Coolsville with DJ Betty Rock

The AIR is the place to go for interruption-free music. Below the jump you’ll find the playlists I promised you:

Radio Free Charleston 043                                 Tuesday 10 AM & 10 PM

new-rfc-logo-022Deni Bonet  “A Perfect Storm”
Time And Distance  “Live A Lie”
The Swivels  “Panama”
The Company Stores  “Bottom Out”
Linnfinity  “Molly Marr of Rome”
Paul Calicoat  “Dylan Stole My Life”
Billy Matheny  “I Won’t Be Around”
The Big Bad  “Shadowbrook Road”
Wolfgang Parker “Whisper Something German in my Ear”
Frenchy and The Punk  “Why Should I?”
QiET  “Get Found”
Go Van Gogh  “Planet of Pyschotic Women”
Red Audio  “Girl From Outer Space”
WATT 4  “I Don’t Deserve You”
The Concept  “Guitar Pick In My Kool Aid”

The Swing Shift 021                                                 Tuesday 3 PM

tss-4-18Royal Crown Revue  “El Toro”
Brian Setzer Orchestra  “Deadman Incorporated”
My Gypsy Soul  “Dinah”
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies  “Drunk Daddy”
Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive  “Five Guys Named Moe”
Bayou Moonshiners  “Big Time Woman”
Jan Savitt  “Blues In The Groove”
Pepper and the Jellies  “You Can’t Bet On Love”
Jimmy Dorsey   “Murderistic”
The New Morty Show  “Back To Bed”
Devil Doll  “Liquor Store”
Glenn Miller Band “Chatanooga Choo Choo” (In A Digital Mood”
Buddy Rich  “Big Swing Face”
Louis Prima  “Just A Gigalo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”
Roy Etheridge  “Fish Market”

Ska Madness 006                                                      Tuesday 3 PM

ska-madnessThe Specials  “Monkey Man”
Skankin’ Pickles  “Make A Change”
The Selector  “Bomb Scare”
Goldfinger  “Superman”
Ore Ska Band “Going Away”
Reel Big Fish “Ask”

Madness  “One Step Beyond”

“One Step Beyond”
“My Girl”
“Night Boat to Cairo”
“Believe Me”
“Land of Hope and Glory”
“The Prince”
“Tarzan’s Nuts”
“In the Middle of the Night”
“Bed & Breakfast Man”
“Razor Blade Alley”
“Swan Lake”
“Rockin’ in A♭”
“Mummy’s Boy”
“Chipmunks Are Go!”