Img_50410The PopCulteer
October 16, 2015

Your Popculteer is buried under paying work this week, so we’re doing a shortened PopCulteer. Yes, that means that it’s all STUFF TO DO.

Before we get into our weekly mini-podcast, I want to single out one event, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School happens again this Sunday at 6 PM at DigiSo (AKA WVSU EDC) on Kanawha Boulevard near Patrick Street.

The theme this month is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the models are Luna L’Enfant (see at the top right of this post) and Cat Schrodinger (below left).

Img_7214Dr. Sketchy’s is a BYOB life-drawing and photography event, open to ages eighteen and up (drinking only for twenty-one and up). Artists bring their own supplies, photographers should be mindful of blocking the line-of-sight of others and muralists need to bring their own walls.

Ten bucks gets you in to this cool art-making event.


You can listen to The STUFF TO DO podcast on this little widget [HERE] and find out about a bunch of cool stuff you can get into this weekend.

If you require a visual aid, here are some graphics…





That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. You know the drill.