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Whistlepunk Returns!


You may remember Whistlepunk from the first and seventh episodes of Radio Free Charleston, or from numerous posts here in PopCult last year. That was the old trio version. Get ready for Whistlepunk 2.0, as vocal dynamo Karen Allen, formerly of Crazy Jane, lends her talents to Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan, and Brian Young to create a whole new musical experience. You can see additional footage of Karen solo, in the Gatecrasher blog here at 

The video above, for the song “The Good,” shows one facet of the band. That was just shot last Saturday afternoon at LiveMix Studio and rush-edited by yours truly for your viewing enjoyment.

The MP3 below reveals another side of this multi-dimensional band.

Whistlepunk “Outshine”

Ah, the wonders of multimedia!

You can catch the reborn Whistlepunk Friday night at The Sound Factory, 812 Kanawha Blvd, Charleston. They’ll open the evening around 10 p.m., and you can stick around for The Red Velvets and Thistle. Call (304) 342-8001 for more information, and be sure to watch for the next episode of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Whistlepunk and Josh Buskirk–coming next week to GazzTV.


  1. Karen

    Thanks Rudi and the rest of the Gazz crew! Keep up the good work:)See you at the show this Friday.

  2. Longtime Listener

    Very nice. It’s like a bonus mini-RFC! Hadn’t seen Karen for awhile. She’s sounding and looking great these days. Wonderful song.

    This makes up for that three-week gap between your last two shows.

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