We kick off the week with what looks like a poster for a local band or something. It is.  Over the weekend I shot a few videos of Whistlepunk for Radio Free Charleston. You will see part of the fruits of our labor later today.  We recorded the band Saturday, and I spent Sunday working on editing. 

This left no time for making other types of art, so I just digitally-assaulted a composite of two frame-grabs from the first finished video.  And that’s your Monday Morning Morsel of Meaty Mixed Media.  Check PopCult later today for a special non-RFC video and a bonus MP3 from the new and improved Whistlepunk, now featuring 100 % more Karen Allen.  This is all in advance of their show Friday at The Sound Factory.

Click the image to enlarge.  This design, like all pieces of Monday Morning art, can be purchased on a variety of overpriced trinkets and shirts at our Monday Morning Art store  go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. You still have time to be the first customer!   The band is good enough that we might actually sell some of these.  Which means I’ll probably have to give them a cut.