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I should have known this would happen. Every time I cave in to an indulgence it quickly becomes an obsession and then an addiction. Now I’m hurtin’…bad. Longtime readers of this blog know of my dependence on Spinach. Not just any spinach, but pre-packaged, washed, and currently-unavailable fresh baby spinach. It’s been a week now since I’ve had my leafy green fix. Thus far, the E Coli break out is one of those unexplainable phenomena, like the way the Sears store in the Charleston Town Center always stocks Cleveland Browns merchandise to the exclusion of all other teams during football season. I’m pretty sure it’s a Republican plot to steal the upcoming midterm elections.

But all the conspiracy theories in the world won’t get me a bowl of my favorite veggie. I mean, where the HELL am I supposed to get my folic acid? Vitamins are NOT an option!

So I’m going to have to go slumming. You’ll see me in the seedy neighborhoods looking for the house that has Popeye’s shoes tied together and slung over the power lines out front. I’m not proud, but I needs my spinach! I know, they’ll give me the first bowl for free. Then they start charging. I don’t care, I’m already hooked! I’d even buy a bag if it had a sticker that read “Now With 50% More E Coli!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that anything I decide to eat will eventually be declared unhealthy.


  1. George W. Bush

    Have you noticed that if you eat a salad made of spinach, and put olive oil on it, you are eating a food that evokes the two major characters from POPEYE? Specifically, I refer to Popeye himself, who eats spinach, and his ho Olive Oyl.

    A salad could be made even more Popeye-y with the addition of a crumbled-up Wimpy’s hamburger and a Blue Toe. But that would be cannibalism.

  2. gazz editor

    Dear ‘western otto’: It is usually rude, mean-spirited language for which Gazz Lady wields her ruler. But you, western otto, lose your posting about “mexikin workers” and their toiletry habits vis-a-vis spinach leaves for sheer tastelessness here in family newspaperland on the web. Try again, dear, we’d love to hear from you. We know you were trying to be funny, but… Or should I say butt..

    Yours, GZ

  3. Western Otto

    Spank me again, Gazz Lady!

    Oh yeah.

  4. thegazz

    Dear western otto: No can do. That’s not one of GazzLady’s diversions, although a simple Google search could help you out in your need. Love, GL

  5. Anonymous

    Frozen is just as good for you. Better actually. Frozen spinach is packaged at peak freshness while fresh sits on the shelf and loses most of its vitamins.

    Try this. Take a bag of fronzen leaf spinach. Put it in a backing pot with spaghetti noodles (about a pound depending on the size of your dish and how liberal you are with the other ingrediants). Add chopped green onions, portabella mushrooms, feta cheese, and liberal olive oil, salt and peper. Don’t spare the feta. The more the better. Cover and bake for about 45 minutes at 325. Mix it up after it’s baked about 20 minutes.

    It’s delicious and easy. Just throw all that suff together in proportions you like and bake it up. That will help the spinach craving.

  6. Rudy Panucci

    Thanks for the recipe, but portabella mushrooms could kill me– ‘shrooms and strawberries are my most severe food allergies. Plus, frozen can’t match the texture of fresh. It’s a totally different food experience. The only cooked spinach I like is on Graziano’s spinach pizza. Cooking destroys the flavor for me. I use spinach in place of lettuce in my daily salads. Give me fresh spinach, grape tomatoes, crumbled cheese, kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper, and I’m set. I just can’t make that work with frozen spinach.

    So I’m still jonesin’ for my green. Now I know how Popeye felt when he couldn’t get any, even though he ate that nasty canned stuff.

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