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Monday Morning Art: Madonna With Child Times Two

Today we present two of the digital paintings I created for the video for “Child, My Child,” from the rock opera “Mary.”  The video can be seen in the Radio Free Charleston Christmas Treat right here.  The images are digitally-assaulted frame-grabs.  Above is a stylized long shot.  After the jump you can see a digital oil painting of our star, Molly Means.  Click the images to enlarge.  And thanks again to Molly and to Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli and everyone at CYAC.

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Sunday Evening Video: The 2008 RFC Christmas Treat

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Tonight’s video is a mini-show in lieu of a full-blown Radio Free Charleston Christmas episode.  If you’ve been scoring at home, you remember that I put RFC on hiatus for a month after I wrecked my car.  This meant that there would be no Holiday episode of the show this year.

However, we already had one killer song in the can. So we couldn’t leave you high-and-dry during the cheery season. Hence this “Christmas Treat.”

We had our cameras on hand at a pick-up rehearsal midway through the 2008 run of the original Dan Kehde/Mark Scarpelli rock opera, “Mary,” and we recorded Molly Means, as Mary, performing the climactic song from the show, “Child, My Child.” This is the song Mary sings to her newly-born baby, Jesus.  Molly performed this nearly acapella during a pick-up rehearsal midway through the run of the show. I say “nearly acapella” because her fellow cast member Eli Chambers was ably filling in on piano, but our microphones didn’t pick up the keys.  It’s a phenomenal performance, and we’re proud to share it with you as part of our Christmas Treat.  If you haven’t seen it, this might give you a taste of what has deservedly become a December tradition here in Charleston.

There are also a couple of new interstitials from Frank Panucci, and a snippet of the drum circle from the Winter Solstice Ball at the UUC, held December 20.

Tomorrow’s Monday Morning Art will be one of the seven “Digitally Assaulted Madonna With Child” paintings that I did for Molly’s video. On the other side of the jump, you can see a few of the others.

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Sunday Evening Video: Peace On Earth

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This week we get in the Christmas spirit with director Hugh Harmon’s classic anti-war holiday cartoon from 1938, “Peace On Earth.” This ought to be as much of a Christmas tradition as “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

After the jump, take a quick look at this year’s Christmas Tree at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor.

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Tuesday Evening Video: Hellblinki!

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Wednesday night the mysterious voodoo cabaret musical conflagration known as “The Hellblinki Sextet” returns to The Blue Parrot on Capitol Street.  In honor of the event, we have pried loose the video for “Don’t Go Down To The Woods Tonight,” which we produced for the second of our Radio Free Charleston Halloween shows just a few weeks ago. 

So enjoy the video embedded above, then head out Wednesday night around ten for a night of unique and amazing music.  Cover charge is ten dollars, and there is an opening act, so if you want to head over after that Billy Joel thing at the Clay Center is over, you’ll still get to catch an incredible show.

Monday Morning Excuse: Wait, It’s A Good One

I don’t know if you read about the 100 or so weather-related accidents that happened last Saturday…but I was one of them.  I lost control of my car on black ice going up the entrance ramp to I 64 Eastbound at MacCorkle Ave. in Spring Hill.  I bounced between the retaining wall and the median, with about six impact points along the way, before coming to a stop.

I’m fine. Not a scratch. My car was totaled.  I had hoped to share some photos with you, but when I went to clean it out at Copley’s, they’d stacked a truck on top of the front of it, so you can’t really see any damage.  By the way, seat-belts work, and airbags don’t smell good at all when deployed. The airbag knocked my fedora off (the horror!) and two hours later, one of the lens fell out of my glasses, but I came through unscathed. 

However, I’ve some stuff I have to deal with for the time being, so the Sunday Evening Video post will go up tonight, and Monday Morning Art will hit later this week. Also, RFC is going on hiatus until the first week of January, but we will have a special Christmas mini-episode in a few days.

In the meantime, check out this vintage PopCult post from 2007, read down to item number 13, and then read this story in this morning’s Gazette.

And observe a moment of silence for the Red Cutlass.  Best car I ever had.

Monday Morning Art Gallery

We’re starting this week in a bit of a different way.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting Monday Morning Art pieces along with some of the earlier versions of those pieces that I either built on, or rejected, along the way.  For some strange reason, a few of you seem to enjoy these peeks at the “creative” process.

Today is a celebration of the joys of digital revision, as we look at how I arrived at the piece you see above, “Sky Ball,” after taking a 19-year-old sketch and running it through the mill. Below you can see the original sketch, which was done with colored pencils and Dr. Martin dyes.  After the jump you can see some of the steps I took along the way.  Maybe then you’ll understand what I mean by “digitally assaulted.”

This piece won’t be going up in the Monday Morning Art Store, but you can still click the images to enlarge them.

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