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We’re starting this week in a bit of a different way.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting Monday Morning Art pieces along with some of the earlier versions of those pieces that I either built on, or rejected, along the way.  For some strange reason, a few of you seem to enjoy these peeks at the “creative” process.

Today is a celebration of the joys of digital revision, as we look at how I arrived at the piece you see above, “Sky Ball,” after taking a 19-year-old sketch and running it through the mill. Below you can see the original sketch, which was done with colored pencils and Dr. Martin dyes.  After the jump you can see some of the steps I took along the way.  Maybe then you’ll understand what I mean by “digitally assaulted.”

This piece won’t be going up in the Monday Morning Art Store, but you can still click the images to enlarge them.

First, I just tweaked the color saturation and cropped it a bit.

Next I cropped it further and changed the aspect ratio, but preserved the shape of the sphere. I also toned down the saturation to make it look more like the original sketch.

I tried it in digital pen-and-ink.  I liked it but it didn’t quite work for me.

After that, I gave it the old half-tone approach…

…rotated the hue to make it nearly negative…

..took another shot at black and white with a pencil sketch…

…went back to the negative with a glow effect that I like….

..roated the hue again and tossed in an “electric” effect….

…enhanced it by cranking the saturation and contrast…

…took a turn down a dead-end road with an oil painting effect…

..cropped it again and went back to the pen-and-ink effect, this time over watercolors….

…ran that through the halftone effect again…

…then I fed that through a subtle oil-painting filter and came up with the version posted at the top of this page.  I’m not actually sure that I like that one best, but it was the most recent revision that didn’t make me want to puke.

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