About ten years ago we featured a song on the video version of Radio Free Charleston about a tiny, rotund and evil man named Patrick Morrisey. At the time he was the Attorney General of West Virginia, and his terms in office were marked by him filing nusiance lawsuits against Democratic administrations, while also filing lawsuits to advance the agendas of pharmaceutical companies, coal companies, Big Oil, and pretty much any business that wanted to pollute our state and harm its people.

Of course, now he’s running for governor on a platform of exterminating transpeople and minorities, polluting our state even more and basically doing whatever else ALEC orders him to do. He’s running as a Republican (of course) and his opponents are a shady used car salesman millionaire son of a Congresswoman; a shady millionaire son of a Senator and grandson of a disgraced and convicted former governor; and a shady election denier who was the top election official in our state.

I don’t have songs about them, but we do have this one, with a Boylesque dance by Leo Tuxedo and lyrics on the screen so you can follow along to this song by The Laser Beams. It’s relevant again, but it looks like there’s a long line of candidates for governor who somehow all manage to look worse than Jim Justice, who might be the worst governor of WV in my lifetime. We’re sharing it here because we’re sick of seeing his awful commercials every time we turn on the TV for weather and traffic reports.