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Monday Morning Art: The Moun-Tain

We take a running stab at this week with a digitally-colored sketch. I took the old sketchbook out to Taylor’s again last Saturday, this time while listening to 12-string maestro Josh Buskirk, and cranked out a few usable bits of art.  This one was actually started years ago–I’m not sure how far back this particular sketchbook dates, but it’s within the last eight years.  I finished the drawing, then scanned, colored and otherwise ruint it all up.

Like last week, technical issues will keep this one from going up in the Monday Morning Art Store until Tuesday, but you can still click on the image to see a larger version. On the other side of the “Read More” link, you can see the original sketch plus a rejected version or two.

Here’s the original sketch:

Here’s a colored pencil version that I didn’t like as much as the colored sketch.

Likewise with this comic-art version, though I do like both of these.


  1. Elvis Capone

    It looks like a shot of Norse gawd STIMULUS BILL fighting Kree robot Ronin the Sentry on a distant mountaintop.

  2. Heidi Richardson Evans

    I like the comic book version best.

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