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Sunday Evening Videos: Mother Nang and The Concept

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Two RFC faves are playing at The Empty Glass this coming Friday. Mother Nang headlines, with The Concept providing ample support and ground cover. This is a killer double bill, and it kicks off around 10 PM, with the usual Empty Glass”five dollars, give or take a few” cover charge.  Above you see episode nine of Radio Free Charleston, which features vintage footage of Mother Nang from a concert at The Levee in 1992. After the jump you’ll find three more classic episodes of the show, which include the Nang performing last year at LiveMix Studio, and two classic installments of RFC starring my adopted nephews, The Concept. Watch these, then get all hyper and happy to see the bands on Friday.

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12 Angry Men And A Busy Weekend On Tap

The PopCulteer
February 5, 2010

If The Play Fits, You Must Acquit

The Kanawha Players stage adaptation of Reginald Rose’s 1954 teleplay, “12 Angry Men,” is a brisk, robust retelling that shows off an impressive cast of some of Charleston’s top actors. This evergreen courtroom drama provides a look into the deliberative process as a jury in 1954 struggles to come to a verdict in a murder trial.

12 Jurors, locked in a hot room on a summer’s day, must decide whether a young man is guilty of murder. The first vote finds eleven of them think he’s guilty, but one juror thinks he might not be. We witness the deliberative process, as more of the jurors find their belief in a guilty verdict shaken.

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