Adventures in Pop Culture: Memories of a Lifelong Journey  
gg-trekkerby Thomas Wheeler
ISBN-13: 978-1973285205

Full disclosure time again, folks: This next pick in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is the first book by one of my best online buddies, Thomas Wheeler. Being roughly the same age and having many of the same interests (action figures, comic books, wrestling) it’s no shock that his book is right in my wheelhouse. Adventures in Pop Culture is the pefect gift for the pop culture maven on your holiday shopping list.

Wheeler has been a lifelong participant in the world of pop culture, from action figures to science-fiction, movies and TV, to much more. This is the story of his adventures and travels along the way. Wheeler’s writing style is crisp and to the point, and these essays will seem to fly by. Since he’s my friend, I asked him to describe this book:

Adventures in Pop Culture is a series of essays related to my own personal experiences in the world of pop culture across my lifetime. Whether it pertains to a wide variety of action figures, comic books, science-fiction, related television shows, occasional conventions, super-heroes, or even the WWE, there’s something about it in this book. Captain Action, Major Matt Mason, Big Jim, G.I. Joe, Gundam, Star Trek — they’re in here. Mego — it’s in here. A 7-1/2-foot Aircraft Carrier — it’s in here… figuratively speaking. Traveling on the same plane as nearly a dozen WWE superstars, seated one row behind the Undertaker — it’s in here. Getting some advice in an airport from WWE legend Nikolai Volkoff — it’s in here.

This is a fascinating collection of essays about cool stuff that’s all over the map, pop culturally-speaking. Thomas’s stories, many of which I’ve read in emails over the years, range from hilarious to heart-warming, and at a stocking-stuffer price, you can’t go wrong with Adventures in Pop Culture. You can order the book from Amazon using this link.