gg-ice-coolIce Cool is a clever board game for kids and adults that doesn’t strain your brain but can provide hours of fun and enjoyment. It’s a game of intense skill and strategy, or at least as much a game of skill and strategy as it can be while it involves flicking around little plastic penguins with your fingers.

When you open the box, you will discover…more boxes. These boxes actually clip together to provide the playing field. There are cleverly placed openings in the sides of the boxes that provide the conveyance for the aforementioned plastic penguins to travel from one room to another.

The rest of the rules are simple. Along the way the players collect little wooden fishes and after you learn the scoring system, the penguin with the most fish wins.

Kids will love this game. Parents will find it far less grueling than trying to do the math involved with Monopoly or enforce the spelling rules for Scrabble and therefore, may find this game quickly becomes their favorite. It’s somewhere between finger-billiards and tiddley-winks, with a fun Winter setting.

With the included nifty little plastic penguins, wooden fish that also act as clips to hold the playing field together, plus rules, the boxes and cards, Ice Cool gives you everything you need to have hours of family fun without mindlessly planting yourself behind a video game controller.

You should be able to find Ice Cool anywhere that toys and games are sold or failing that, at Amazon. Check out the promotional video here…