It Came From the Video Aisle!: Inside Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment Studio
gg-bandDave Jay, William S. Wilson and Torsten Dewi
ISBN13: 9780764354106

Next up in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide we find a comprehensive book about Full Moon Entertainment, the movie studio behind such B-movie classics as Puppet Master, Trancers, SubSpecies and Doctor Mordrid, among many others. This is the ideal gift for the connoisseur of fine direct-to-video schlocky movies on your holiday shopping list.

Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment was the most remarkable B-movie studio of the 1990s, responsible for a barrage of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror classics during the last true “golden age” of the home video era. From Puppetmaster to Trancers and beyond, Full Moon transformed the VHS experience for fans worldwide, bringing the inner workings of the movie-making process into the living room, and in turn creating a ravenous fanbase that remains to this day.

It Came From the Video Aisle! tracks the history of the company, from its late ’80s birth among the ruins of the American drive-in through to its bid to survive in the modern digital world. Featuring rare artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, and over 60 exclusive interviews with the cast and crew who helped to create the legendary B-movie studio, this is an essential read for any cult film fan still lamenting the death of the “mom ’n pop” video store.

The authors are schlock-movie gurus: Dave Jay is a London-based writer who has contributed to cult film magazines such as Fangoria, Gorezone, and Horrorhound. He also works as a music writer/producer, including Driven, The Last Castle, A Walk to Remember, and the soundtrack album for Austin Powers in Goldmember; William S. Wilson resides in Williamsburg, Virginia, and has written articles for genre magazines Fangoria and Deep Red. He has also contributed to a number of film guides, including Horror 101, Hidden Horror, BFI’s 100 European Horror Films, and the 101 film book series edited by Steven Jay Schneider (Paranormal Activity); Torsten Dewi lives in Munich, Germany, and has been a professional writer for the last twenty years. Alongside his co-writing credit for Empire of the ’B’s he has written numerous successful novels, genre screenplays for the international market (Lost City Raiders, Post Impact, and Sumuru), and hundreds of articles for a broad selection of magazines, including Playboy and TV Zone. His non-fiction work includes a guide to the Babylon 5 universe, a Dune photo book, and three annual guides to science fiction on TV.

If you know someone who’d want to get inside the minds of the people who created these direct-to-DVD classics (and direct to video before that), then It Came From the Video Aisle! is the perfect holiday gift. You can order it from any bookseller by using the ISBN number, or go directly to the publisher for a copy.