gg-demonThe Demon by Jack Kirby  
by Jack Kirby
DC Comics
ISBN-13: 978-1401277185

Our comics pick today in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is the paperback edition of the now-out-of-print collection of The Demon, by Jack Kirby. This is recommended for the comic book fan on your list who loves Kirby, horror comics, or all things mystical. Created while waiting for a hamburger, The Demon is one of Kirby’s DC Comics creations that is still going strong today, with new versions popping up on a regular basis.

THE DEMON BY JACK KIRBY collects all sixteen issues of Kirby’s initial run on the series, and is some of his most dynamic storytelling from the 1970s.

Kirby revolutionized comics with his sprawling saga of the Fourth World, a bold storytelling vision that was decades ahead of its time. DC is just now beginning to mine the depths of Kirby’s creations, with Steppenwolf, the lead villain of the current Justice League movie, being just a minor character in his massive epic.

Following the Fourth World titles, Kirby brought comics fans his most shocking creation yet: THE DEMON! Summoned from the stygian depths by Merlin himself to defend the legendary kingdom of Camelot, a rhyme-slinging hell-spawn known as Etrigan was bound to this mortal coil through the body of his all-too-human host, Jason Blood.

2017 marks the centennial of Kirby’s birth, and DC Comics finally reprinted this long-sought-after collection in an affordable format. The hardback edition from a few years ago sells for upwards of seventy-five dollars, if you can find someone willing to part with it.

You ought to be able to find THE DEMON BY JACK KIRBY at most quality comic book shops, or order it from any bookseller using the ISBN number. As is the norm, you can find it at a sizable discount at Amazon.