gg-game-controlThis next choice for the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is perfect for the videogamer on your list. MyArcade‘s line of Nintendo Classic Edition controllers takes the look and feel of vintage Nintendo controllers, and combines with wireless functionality and Wii and Wii U compatability.

The GamePad Pro features Retro styling featuring the classic four face button configuration that can be used to play either the NES Classic Edition or Wii/ Wii U as an optional classic controller (with supported games).

The new GamePad Classic features retro styling and brings it into the modern age with wireless functionality. Enjoy the classic two face button functionality that can be used to play the NES Classic Edition.

Redefining a classic, their new Super GamePad features retro styling reimagined for the modern gamer with wireless functionality and improved ergonomics. The Super Gamepad is a versatile controller that can be used to play the SNES Classic Edition, NES Classic Edition or classic virtual console titles on Wii/ Wii U(with supported games).

These are perfect for the frustrated gamer of a certain age who can’t quite get the hang of those darned newfangled controllers. The play is perfect and the wireless function very responsive. I hope maybe someday they come up with a wireless version of the Colecovision controllers…or maybe the third-party controllers we had to buy because Coleco’s were so difficult to use.

The GamePad Pro and Super GamePad both have a HOME button for easy access to game selection menu directly from the controller. All three models are wireless and give you over 75 hours of playtime on 2 AA batteries (not included). They’re designed for a great grip and allow for play up to 30 feet away without any lagtime or disconnections. The Super GamePad offers an intuitive TURBO feature that can be assigned easily to any of the action buttons.

Best of all, these controllers sell for under twenty dollars (under twenty-five for the Super GamePad), and can be found at any retailer who carries videogaming accessories, or directly from MyArcade. This is a great gift for the gamer with a big screen TV that’s too far away from the couch. They will thank you profusely as they ask you to bring them a beverage.