gg-dimensioneerToday’s comics pick for the 2017 Popcult Gift Guide is a fun comic book that I have not yet seen in its entirety. The Dimensioneer is a terrifc superhero/sci-fi comic, written and drawn by Dan Reed, and I’ve been following the progress of this book on Facebook, but have yet to order it. I can tell you that I will be ordering it soon, and you may want to join me if you have a fan of old-school early Marvel action hero comic books on your holiday shopping list.

There are three issues available, and they are print-on-demand books that you can order from IndyPlanet. Let’s go to the description:

A traveler of all worlds! A master of space and dimension! A man of using demonic powered magic in a world ruled by science! A hero with fantastic powers he hasn’t even begun to understand! He is constantly having to face dimensional demons and other foes far more powerful than himself…Dan Ditko…that peerless paragon of parallel possibilities–The Dimensioneer! In the first issue The Dimensioneer is bedeviled by the diabolical Dr. Insect! See him fight for his very survival against the outrageous Animator! And guess–if you dare–the soul-shattering secret behind the bitterness of the Better Half!

These are fun superhero action comics that don’t try to change the world or present a harshly dark take on reality. It’s pure semi-cosmic good guys vs. bad guys stuff, and that makes it worthy of my recommendation. Reed produces a type of comic book that the mainstream companies have forgotten how to make.

This is pure Kirby and Ditko heaven. Reed’s work has a joy that is missing from DC and Marvel these days. If you know somebody who enjoyed the recent Charlton Neo comics, you can’t go wrong with The Dimensioneer. This is the kind of stuff that makes comics fun again. I’m gonna go order mine right now. You can too, at IndyPlanet. The link takes you to the first issue, and that page has links to the following two issues.