dots-ari-logo-0001A new episode of Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle, part two of a bizarre collection of Beatles covers takes over Beatles Blast, an acclaimed musical is showcased on  Curtain Call, a new program of radio drama debuts and the third episode of our new show about Professional Wrestling headline a full day of great new programming on The AIR. You can tune in at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

In this week’s brand-new episode of Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle, Michele recounts her adventures at the West Virginia Writers Retreat last weekend, and how she overcame her fears to lead a seminar there. In her words, “What’s your story and how would you like to change it? We are all story-tellers. We all tell ours in different ways. Some write, some sing, some rap, but we all have to re-create when it’s not working.” Tune in Wednesday at 1:30 PM on The AIR, with a replay at 7 PM. Don’t forget you can learn more about Michele’s views on life and how the spiritual and physical worlds coexist at her website, where you can also find out about her book, Rain No Evil.

002Then at 2 PM It’s a new Beatles Blast, presenting the second part of a show dedicated to the soundtrack to All This And World War II, one of the most messed-up projects to ever involved music by the Beatles. This week it gets really odd with Beatle tunes covered by the likes of Helen Reddy, Leo Sayer, Frankie Laine Peter Gabriel, The Four Seasons, Tina Turner and others, all backed up by The London Symphony Orchestra. These songs were recorded to accompany stock footage from the second World War. It’s goofier than it sounds.

At 3 PM  Mel Larch brings you a special presentation of the original cast recording of Dear Evan Hansen on an episode of Curtain Call that applauds the Tony Award Winner for best musical.

At 5 PM, It’s a new show, The AIR Audio Playhouse, bringing radio drama back. This week it’s a BBC production of The Wild Asses Skin (Reloaded).

6 PM sees The NEW MUSIC SHOW, followed at 6:30 PM by the now-daily Crazy Show. At 7 PM we have a replay of Life Speaks, followed at 7:30 PM by Word Association with Lee & Rudy. Prognosis airs at 8 PM.

Then at 10 PM it’s the third edition of Marking Out, our new hour-long show devoted to Professional Wrestling, which comes to us from WMUL radio in Huntington. Hosted by Matt BelVillain and Betty Rock, this weekly show will fill you in on everything you need to know about WWE, NXT, ROH, Impact Wrestling and even the local indy scene.

That’s followed by The Comedy Vault at 11 PM. Then at midnight listeners can settle in for an all-night marathon of the best of Broadway on Curtain Call.  All part of the unique programming on The AIR.