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11150408_10153232179412141_2149849983077746590_nBack in March I gave you an update about Pix-C, the new subscription webcomics produced by the folks behind Charlton Neo. You may remember that I spent a big chunk of last year praising the Charlton Neo movement. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Charlton Neo is a revival of sorts of Charlton Comics, the lower-tier comic book company that published out of Derby Connecticut from the 1940s into the 1980s. I wrote about in that update back in March.

Pix-C has grown, with new installments of their existing comics being added each week, and five new strips starting in recent weeks. The work is tremendous. These are veteran comic pros, some working with young talent, having fun making comics.

Physical comics from Charlton Neo creators will start appearing again soon, but in the meantime you can keep up with the fun for the remarkably low rate of a dollar a month, donating through Patreon. You can donate at higher levels for hard copy rewards like Charlton Neo comics books, classic reprints and posters.

You can preview the original Pix-C Comics with a Free 38-page comic book right here…

The five new Pix-C comics are:

YANGYANG-Ancient East meets Wild West as the story of YANG comes full circle in all-new adventures by Roger McKenzie and Ben Torres. This is a revival of the classic Charlton comic book created by Joe Gill and Warren Sattler. McKenzie is the writer who teamed up with Frank Miller on Marvel’s Daredevil, creating storylines that have been adapted for the new NetFlix series.

MKRIMEMR. KRIME-1968: A world in upheaval! War, assassinations and civil unrest! But whatever happened to MR. KRIME? Mayhem in the European super-criminal tradition by Jean-Emmanuel Dubois and Mort Todd. These retro anti-hero stories are the perfect antidote to today’s corporate, factory-produced funny books.

KNIGHTKNIGHTINGALES–Nurses Cynthia Doyle and Betsy Crane: Knightingales in a world gone horribly wrong! by Roger McKenzie and Dærick Gröss Sr. The writing is sharp, the artwork lovely and the story is about hot nurses battling zombies. How can you not love this?

FACETHE FACE–His premiere from Big Shot Comics #1 in 1940, written by legendary writer Gardner Fox and illustrated by Mart Bailey. This reprint from a seventy-five-year-old comic book may be a portent of things to come! Readers will simply have to keep reading to find out.

EDDIEEDDIE CROSSBONES-Once a pirate, now cursed to roam the world to atone for his past sins! By Bradley Mason Hamlin and Mort Todd. It’s horror-comedy-superhero antics all rolled into one thrilling adventure.

The new additions to Pix-C are loads of fun, and this project will help fund future Charlton revival projects like the fourth issue of Charlton Arrow, and future editions of Charlton Wild Frontier, Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romance and new books like Charltoons.

We will keep you posted, here in PopCult.

Preview ort for the cover of Charltoons first issue, the Scarry Squad, drawn by Dev Madden

Preview art for the cover of Charltoons first issue, the Scarry Squad, drawn by Dev Madden