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September 25, 2015

It’s time for our weekly collection of essays, random thoughts, stray photos, and alerts to what’s happening.  This week, the PopCulteer is yet another grab bag of smaller items.

We’re going to kick it off with the podcast edition of STUFF TO DO, our new weekly audio roundup of the cool things you can do in and around Charleston.  Since this is still a work in progress, this week’s edition is an attempt to speed things up by talking really fast and running through the items as quickly as possible.  You can hear STUFF TO DO in this handy dandy little widget [HERE].  If you can’t get it to work, shout loudly at your computer for a few moments, then move onto something else.

ShockaCon wrap up

Mr. and Mrs. PopCulteer, all happy at ShockaCon. Photo by Penny Maple

Mr. and Mrs. PopCulteer, all happy at ShockaCon. Photo by Penny Maple

ShockaCon 2015 is in the books and it’s going to go down as a winner.  Despite (or perhaps because of) the last minute cancellation by international movie star and alledged crackpot Bai Ling, the show was a rousing success.  Mat Fraser, a last minute replacement for the ailing Rose Siggins, proved to be a charming and charismatic guest and was particularly engaging when paired with his American Horror Story co-star Drew Rin Varrick.  Ari Lehman, the original “Jason” from Friday the 13th was a pure hyper delight and The Walking Dead was well represented by Adam Minoravich and Jeryl Prescott.

It was great seeing old friends like The Renfields and star artist Chris Woodall and meeting new friends like the crew from RAKFilms and The Cryptoids.  The late night entertainment was a blast as always, highlighted by the Riveting Roses, Professor Sinister, The Cryptoids, The Irreplaceables, and The Renfields, who welcomed Ari Lehman as a guest vocalist on one song and then capped off their performance with a mosh pit pillow fight.

Another highlight was the coming out party for a brand new band, Hurl Brickbat, who were so good that we made them the stars of this week’s RFC Mini Show which you can see right here…

We also have a clip of the ShockaCon costume parade, which you can see here…

You can expect a whole lotta ShockaCon videos here in PopCult over the next several days.

Non Sport Update

11230786_10153257009074862_4196073169969426261_nIt’s time for a little self horn tootery.  The newest issue of Non Sport Update is available at newsstands now.

In this issue, the cover story is devoted to classic Halloween trading card sets, but rabid fans of your PopCulteer (both of them), will want to read my article about Breygent Marketing’s trading card set devoted to Seasons 7 and 8 of Dexter.

It’s cool that Breygent was able to stick with this series for its entire run, and bring quality trading card sets to the show’s loyal fans.

This issue is on sale now.

Hogan’s Alley

HA-20-Cover-final-smallA magazine that I don’t write for, but which is still excellent, is Hogan’s Alley, a thick, square bound newsprint magazine devoted to comic strips, with just a little bit on comic books and animation added in.  The latest issue of this roughly annual publication features terrific articles on Patrick O’Donnell and Mutts, The Katzenjammer Kids, and the Rankin-Bass animated adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works from the 1970’s.

This magazine is always a great read and you can find it now at Taylor Books and Books A Million.

Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra has a new album coming out in November and the first single has been previewed by Jeff Lynne.  Take a listen…

Bay City Rollers

The future of One Direction

The future of One Direction

The Bay City Rollers have announced a reunion album and tour, featuring three of the original five members.  This band was absolutely the hottest musical act in the world for what might have been the briefest lifespan of a pop group phenomenon in the history of modern music.  They were a boy band who sounded a little like a rock band and who have now achieved a level of obscurity that must certainly be the envy of The Residents.

The most remarkable thing about this reunion is that it’s being widely touted on Facebook, despite the fact that the only people old enough to care are well past the age where they can join AARP.


Here are some fliers for the bands and shows that bothered to make fliers this week.







12004820_10153691339125559_6093830109302078443_nThat’s it for The PopCulteer.  Keep checking PopCult every 12 or 37 seconds to see if we posted any more ShockaCon videos yet.