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July 3, 2009


This week, in honor of the founding of this country, and in recognition of the fact that I put off writing the PopCulteer this week until the last minute, we’re going ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC! We’re going to present images from FestivAll, plus my side trip to Wheeling for The Marx Toy Collectors Convention last Friday.

Not only does this mean that you get the pure unadulterated eye candy of the last two weeks of mighty wonderment here in Charleston, but you also get to see the nine photos that the Gazette servers wouldn’t let me upload last week. To the right, you see some of Heidi Richardson Evans’ terrific artwork, which you can find at Visions Day Spa. I took that photo during ArtWalk, last week, moments before finding out that Michael Jackson died.

After the jump, with as little typing from me as possible, you’ll find even more images of the pure cool fun that was FestivAll….plus toys. I’ve also included photos of my day trip to Wheeling in search of Johnny West.

And you’ll find today’s classic episode of Radio Free Charleston.

And a cool comic of the week.

Plus a visual joke that some may consider to be in very poor taste.

But it’s still funny.

Art Walk Photos

Mark Wolfe’s entry in the “Hard Times” Exhibit at The Purple Moon.

Rick Lee at The Purple Moon, speaking to Sharon Lyn Stackpole and her son, shortly after taking these pictures.

Some of Sharon Lyn Stackpole’s art, from her new show at The Purple Moon.

Karen Allen and Sean Richardson, Tofujitsu (new CD coming out July 11 at Capitol Roasters) providing the music at The Purple Moon.

The crowd at Taylor Books’ Annex Gallery.

Casi Null, of The Clementines, at UUC after Art Walk.

To Wheeling For Johnny West

Friday I drove up to Wheeling for day one of The Marx Toy Collectors Convention at The Kruger Street Toy Museum. I mainly went up for “Johnnycon” the sub-convention of Johnny West collectors, who meet in the cool corner of the vast museum. That’s Johnny, the premiere cowboy action figure, piloting the covered wagon above. You may remember that I wrote about him a few weeks ago here in the PopCulteer.

Terri Coop (left) of Circle X Ranch, the new keepers of the Marx Toys/Johnny West flame. With her is her friend, Las Vegas-based artist (and Johnny West fan), Suzanne Hackett-Morgan. It was great meeting new folks at the convention. Those boxed action figures and accessory sets on the table….I got one of each.

Tom Heaton, author of the Marx Action Figure Encyclopedia and expansion modules, and the proprietor of The Vintage Toy Room.

Some of the cool stuff for sale at the show.

Scenes from the Kruger Street Toy Museum. You’ll see more of this cool place in a few months when we go up there to shoot host segments for RFC.

The Custom Figure Contest

Below is a smattering of the astounding entries for the custom figure contest. These are all based on Johnny West, or other 12″ Marx action figures. You can visit Scott Stewart’s website, Stewart’s Attic, to see all the entries.

The Drive To 75: Mad Drummer Shirt

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="430" height="346" fvars="m=59865634;type=video" wmode="transparent" /]
Today’s flashback episode of RFC is “Mad Drummer Shirt” from January 2008, with music from Holden Caulfield and The Synergy Collective, plus missing scenes from Star Wars and more of Frank’s animated Existential Journey. Original production notes are here.

I Can’t Be The Only Person Who Noticed This

I’m just sayin’.

Cool Comic Of The Week

Just click the image and follow the link. You’ll like it. Trust me.

That’s it for this week.

Be sure to be here Monday for the big, huge third anniversary episode of Radio Free Charleston! And come back tomorrow for the re-posting of episode 34, our first “show without words.” Below, you can see a bunch of other FestivAll images that I’m too lazy to write captions for.

Have a good 4th, and down’t get blowed up!


  1. Bill Gardner

    Another great post. Thanks Rudy. I’m going to have to make it to Wheeling for the Kruger Street Toy Museum for myself soon.

  2. Terri Coop

    Hi Rudy and thank your for the shout-out about JohnnyCon at the Wheeling Museum. It was fantastic to meet you in person. A great time was had by all, we hope to see you again next year! Terri Coop (

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