You PopCulteer is back from New York City…a day later than expected. We took the Amtrak Cardinal line to The Big Apple, and while we were gone you folks thought it would be cool to blow up the railroad tracks real good. While we were at Toy Fair we found out that our trip home had been cancelled.

Quick-thinking got us onto the Amtrak line from NYC to Pittsburgh, where a Gypsy cab ride to the airport Avis brought the Jetta from hell into our lives. We crashed at Sister PopCulteer’s place and hung out with the Ginoids, then drove into Charleston today, just in time to dig out Mrs. PopCulteer’s car, which was buried under ten inches of snow, and return the Jetta to Avis, where it was promptly returned to the lower level of Hell from which it had been retrieved.

All this is basically our way of saying…detailed coverage of The 2015 International Toy Fair in New York begins tomorrow…after we get a good night’s sleep. Look for The PopCulteer in the early evening Friday, with special reports all weekend long.