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A City Becomes Monday Morning Art

In honor of FestivALL 2007, which just wrapped up yesterday, we’re going to kick off the week with guest art, courtesy of Radio Free Charleston Big Shot, Melanie Larch. Here, bisected into two parts so that it would fit on YouTube, is Melanie’s FestivALL memories compacted into a nice, neat little ten-minute video package. We had a blast at FestivAll this weekend, and I had a blast not being the video guy (except for a few shots). Mel even composed and performed an original tune in honor of the FestivALL Catfish.

I was just a lazy boy this weekend, sitting back and soaking in as much as I could without actually doing anything. Mel did all the work on this report.  So my art will be back next Monday, and since you can’t put a YouTube clip on a T Shirt you’ll have to wait until next week to resume ignoring my Cafepress store.

Let’s let Mel take over. There’s one brief bit in this film that may not be work safe, but it’s really too funny to miss:



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  1. Seymour

    Thanx for the video! I really enjoyed it.
    Love ya,

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