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A Comment on Comments

As many regular readers may know, you can leave comments on the posts in this blog. Right down there at the bottom of each post (when you click on the headline or “read more” first) is a block where you can leave a comment. We need a name and a valid email address, and once moderated, your post will be on display for all the world to see.

However, there are rules. You must provide a working email address. it will not be published, but I may need to contact you about something you have posted. If you wish, you can link to a website, too. I moderate all comments with a heavy hand.  I do not allow comments to be used for personal attacks. If you try to post something that is demonstrably false I will not be party to libel on your behalf.

A few years ago a madwoman took exception to something I wrote and left a 4,500-word comment that, while hilarious in a very poor-taste way, had no place being seen by the public. It was deleted with extreme prejudice, and I reserve the right to do that to any other comment that veers outside the realm of sanity.

twilight-zone-billy-mumy-goSo what I’m saying is that I invite you to comment on the posts here in PopCult. I welcome intelligent discourse, but please remain on-topic and civil. I will not hesitate to wish unpleasant people into the cornfield.

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  1. Big Daddy K

    I vehemently disagree with your comment about comments when folks comment, but I will defend your right to make such comments in a commentary format.

    Any comments?

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