The PopCulteer
December 23, 2010

A Bonus ArtWalk

Last week’s ArtWalk was truncated by the horrid Winter weather, so this week they’re doing it again! Today, in this early PopCulteer, we’re bringing you a look at some of the cool stuff you can see–and purchase as last-minute gifts. This special holiday bonus ArtWalk takes place tonight from 5 PM to 8 PM, downtown.

In addition to the galleries pictures, you can also do the ArtWalk at Chet Lowther Studio, Gallery Eleven, Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery and Stray Dog Antiques. We regret that we didn’t make it to those fine galleries to take photos this month.

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at the cool things you’ll find on display at ArtWalk.  For more photos from Art Emporium and The Purple Moon, check last week’s PopCulteer.

Taylor Books Annex Gallery

We featured Eric Pardue's work in our Gift Guide, and you can find a great assortment of it right at the front of the gallery

Lot's of great work from Beth Crowder is on display at Taylor's

This super-neato creepy baby by Peter Massing caught my eye at Taylor's

Great art by Amanda Jane Miller is on display, too

New work by dane Klingaman

One of Rob Cleland's fantastic fish

Some of Jamie Miller's fun, colorful work

Really cool ceramic plate/mask by Roshanna Rothberg

Last-minute Gift idea #1: David Riffle's Mystery Hole poster

Last-minute Gift idea #2: Kreeture Komforts by Amy Williams and Mark Wolfe

Romano Associates Gallery

Nifty lightplay by K.D. Lett

I did not get the name of the artist who created this cool work, so if you know, post it in the comments below

Literally cool photography by Shawn Romano himself

Great color composition by Tara Bradley

Great semi-psychedelica from Stefani Cantrell

A solid wall of art from Laura Alvis

Visions Day Spa

Beautiful glass ornaments greet visitors as they walk into Visions Day Spa

Chad Miller's impressive color work

More from Chad

Jason Lee Taylor has several great pieces at Visions

Another piece from Jason Lee Taylor

Art Emporium

See last week's PopCulteer for more of Ian Bode and Dave Thomas at Art Emporium

The Purple Moon

An entire room of the Over The Moon Gallery at The Purple Moon, devoted to Sharon Lyn Stackpole. See last week's PopCulteer for new work by Joe Bolyard and others

Weekend Shows

Tonight at The Empty Glass, The RFC cameras will be on hand for this very special show….

It’s going to be a killer show, with four of Radio Free Charleston’s favorite bands, and it’s a food drive to boot! Come out and celebrate Josh Buskirk’s birthday with one of the best bills of the year.

Friday night, the RFC crew plans to attend Christmas Eve with Happy Minor at Sam’s Uptown Cafe.

Christmas night, it’s back to the Empty Glass for the annual Christmas bash with prodigal sons, 69 Fingers, plus The Concept, Dinosaur Burps and Drop Ded Phred.

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer.  Be sure to scroll down and watch the new RFC Christmas show with The Contemporary Youth Arts Company.

Tomorrow in PopCult we will bring you our classic Christmas shows.  On Saturday, we will contine the Christmas tradition of the blog.