Above you see the Kickstarter pitch video for a new trading card game created by Richie Ray.  Area music fans may remember Richie as the front man for Shindig (We had the band on RFC back in 2009). Richie has pointed his creative energies in a new direction, strained hard, and pushed out a trading card game called “Oh Crap.”

Think of it as Pokémon, only with poop instead of monsters.

I’d better let Richie explain…

This game evolved from making up silly songs with my wife into a full on collectible trading card game.  With my knack for poop jokes (and graphic design) and my friend Gavin’s insane artistic talent, we created a game that is as funny as it is fun.  Playable like most TCG’s, these are fun to have and quickly become a topic of discussion when they come out.

So…if you have the proper sense of humor, then this is the game of craps you want to support. With his buddy Gavin MacDonald, Richie has come up with a fun game that fans of trading card games can really run with. There are ten days left in the campaign, and it’s near its goal, so it’s not like you’ll gamble and lose. You will want to be in on this when it comes out.

Seriously, this game is like a steamer full of fun…from Cleveland. Some folks might find a game like this to be nutty or corny, but if it cracks you up, then you know that you gotta go to the Kickstarter page and drop your support into the bucket. Don’t pass on this. You’d be flushing away your chance to get in on the ground level of something that could be massive.

There are several levels of support, including a full 36-card starter deck for fifteen dollars, and other levels with bonus cards and other goodies.

You can support the campaign HERE, and follow their progress at the Oh Crap Facebook page.