It’s an all-new week on The AIR and that means it’s time for a new  Radio Free Charleston and a new edition of The Swing Shift on Tuesday! You simply have to point your cursor over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay here, and  listen to the cool embedded player found elsewhere on this page.  

You can hear Radio Free Charleston Tuesdays at 10 AM and 10 PM, with tons of replays throughout the week.  This week we have three full hours of glorious free-format radio with lots of local acts mixed in with independent artists from around the world and a few classic tracks from major artists, just to keep you on your toes.

We open with a new song written and performed entirely by Kenny Booth , the guitar maestro for such bands as Disarm The Fallen, HARRAH, Membrane Cell and others. This is a killer tune and I hope Kenny has more up his sleeve. This was one of the three cool local tunes we told you about last Friday.

Following that we have a newly-remixed classic from The Tunesmiths, Mark Beckner’s old band that we used to feature back in the broadcast radio days of RFC. Mark’s been tidying up his archives for eventual release on Bandcamp, and we’ll let you know as soon as that project goes live.

Another remixed archive project is in pre-order mode now from Todd Burge. He’s retooled a 1980s album by his legendary first band, 63 Eyes. You can order it now, and get two tracks early. One of them is in this show.

We also feature new releases from Hello June, David Synn, Lydia Loveless, The 3 Clubmen, Sgt. Van and the Highway Dogs, Duck City Music, Sideshow Villians, Buni Muni, Emily Kinney and more. Sideshow Villains come to us courtesy of our friends in Chicago and they have a big show coming up there next month. We’ll tell you more about that as we get closer.

We also veer into a few themed sets with more oddball cover tunes and a big batch of dark cabaret music. And we end the show with a set of new surf music.

It’s three hours of quality music, crammed into three hours!

Check out the playlist below to see all the goodies we have in store. Live links will take you to the local and indie artist’s pages (where possible)  so you can find out more about them, buy their music and find out where to see them perform live…

RFC V5 147

hour one
Kenny Booth “Big Brain”
The Tunesmiths “Wish”
Hello June “Sometimes”
Mapped By A Forest “Scars”
63 Eyes “The Cellular Cellar”
Tom Robinson “Let My People Be”
Lydia Loveless “Sex and Money”
Astrodot “Sunday Too Far Away”
The 3 Clubmen “Look At Those Stars”
Sgt. Van and the Highway Dogs “Animal Farm”
David Synn “Running Backwards”
Dhani Harrison “Damn That Frequency”

hour two
Duck City Music x CHJ x NdaKut x DiagNosis “Skippin’ Remix Freestyle”
Emmaline “Seven Nation Army”
The Folksmen “Start Me Up”
Big Daddy “Burning Ring Come On Light My Fire”
The Monkey Swingers “I Wanna Be Like You”
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes “You’ve Got A Friend”
Big Daddy “Once In A Lifetime”
Sideshow Villains “Be The Wicked One”
Qiet “Pet Driftwood”
Hellblinki “Kerosene”
Linnfinity “Babel”
Galen and Paul “Lonely Town”
Frenchy And The Punk “Forever and Ever MC Escher”
Andy Prieboy “Psycho Ex (live)”

hour three
Logical Fleadh “Over The Moor to Maggie-Rakish Paddy-Flogging”
Brian Diller “Freedom Rings”
Crazy Jane “Silver”
Buni Muni“Looney Toons”
James Blake “Loading”
Emily Kinney “Walkin’ Round Your Dreams”
The Shapiros “Cry For A Shadow”
Stephen Marley “Cast The First Stone”
Rasta Rafiki “Pushin'”
Test Subject 17 “Seismic Disruptions of a Disproportionate Scale ‘
Guitarmy of One “Espionage a Trois on the Open Sea”
The Madeira “Ancient Winds”
The Tentakills “Drawn and Quartered”

You can hear this episode of Radio Free Charleston Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR, with replays Wednesday at 9 AM,  Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 9 AM, Saturday at Noon and Midnight,  and  Monday at 11 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Now you can also hear a different classic episode of RFC every weekday at 5 PM, and we bring you a marathon all night long Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m also going to  embed a low-fi, mono version of this show right in this post, right here so you can listen on demand.


After RFC, stick around for encores of last week’s episodes of  MIRRORBALL at 1 PM and Curtain Call at 2 PM.

At 3 PM we offer up a brand-new episode of The Swing Shift. This time we correct a massive oversight. In nearly 150 episodes, we have yet to devote an entire episode to the Wildest, Louis Prima. To make up for it we present a mixtape packed with fifty-nine minutes of one of the most influential artists in Swing.

Sadly, I can’t post a playlist here because…I haven’t recorded the show yet, as I write this. I will tell you that it kicks off wit Louis’ version of his own composition, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and the show will contain a mix of his biggest hits and my favorite deep album cuts. This is a show you’ll want to PLAY LOUD.

You can hear The Swing Shift Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 8 AM, Friday at 10 AM and 8 PM and Saturday afternoon, only on The AIR . You can also hear all-night marathons, seven hours each, starting at Midnight Thursday and Sunday evenings.