I’d like to thank all the readers of PopCult for sending condolences last week following the death of my Aunt, Stella Jo Warden.  As you may have figured out, hers was the “family illness” that has taken me away from RFC and PopCult for much of the summer.  Stella was a huge part of my life, and will be greatly missed, but she was also a firm believer that life must go on, so this week look for PopCult to get back on track.  I’ll be posting some CD reviews, a preview of Sean Richardson’s mini-tour around town, and digging up some new surprises for you in advance of the San Diego International Comic Con this coming weekend. 

I’ll also be trying to finish episode 23 of Radio Free Charleston so that we can get it online by the end of the week. This is the big reunion show featuring The Feast Of Stephen.  Check PopCult all week.  In just a bit, I’ll be posting the Monday Morning Art, which is another revisiting of an older work, but it’s a goodie. 

In the meantime, check out some Unfortunately Placed Advertising (link courtesy of Mark Evanier) and see how the Daily Mail is picking up the slacknow that it’s been announced that The Weekly World News is suspending publication soon.