The Radio Free Charleston Pre-Summer Marathon is happening now on The AIR. To hear the final day of this epic, five-day RFC extravaganza you simply have to tune in at the website, or you could just stay on this page, and  listen to the cool embedded player that’s become a beloved part of this blog.

Due to a perfect storm of your PopCulteer taking a little trip, and the need to clear a few episodes of Radio Free Charleston off of the server to make room for new shows, we are taking five days to present forty episodes of Radio Free Charleston Volume Five, the latest internet radio version of our show, all in one huge programming block on The AIR.

After this marathon wraps up, these shows will go back in the vault for a couple of months, only to return when it’s time to drop them in place for their spot on the RFC Daily replay weekdays at 5 PM. When these shows come back, the first forty episodes will go away for a while and we will still have freed up enough room for 120 hours of top-notch radio here on The AIR. The Daily rebroadcasts of Radio Free Charleston will start over with our first three-hour episode next Monday.

Here is Friday’s line up of RFC V5 on The AIR, and links that will take you to a post that includes each episode’s full playlist.

7 AM:  RFC V5 Episode 73

10 AM: RFC V5 Episode 74

1 PM: RFC V5 Episode 75

4 PM: RFC V5 Episode 76

7 PM: RFC V5 Episode 77

10 PM: RFC V5 Episode 78

1 AM:  RFC V5 Episode 79

4 AM: RFC V5 Episode 80

The marathon wraps up today in PopCult, so please keep visiting us for our regular features. We have fresh posts every day, even when we go on a little trip.