It’s Tuesday, and since we’re wrapping up the Labor Day Radio Free Charleston marathon on The AIR, I don’t have a new episode of the show to tell you about here. We are going to premiere a new episode on Thursday, which will run in its usual timeslot next week.

But…I do have a few photos from my recent anniversary excusion up North with Mrs. PopCulteer. Since Amtrak was sold out and we couldn’t celebrate our anniversary with a trip to Chicago, we went low-key and just drove up to the Northern tip of West Virginia. Mel got to visit her new holy land, the FiestaWare Factory Outlet Store (seen right), and I got to enjoy the scenery, witness a roadside attraction, buy some toys and bask in the company of my beloved.

I also took a ton of photos at The Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex , which I will share with you next week so I can plug a special event they have coming up.

Aside from that, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. It was supposed to be a non-working trip, after all, but here are a few sights from the weekend before last…

I love this cool view of Ohio from the FiestaWare parking lot.

We decided to make the drive even further North from Newell, to Chester, so we could see the freaking teapot. Are you happy now?  You have to forgive me. I was very disappointed that Nandor, from “What We Do In The Shadows” wasn’t standing in front, like he was on the show.

A view of the Ohio River, just moments after driving around the teapot. They don’t tell you that it’s located in the middle of a highway entrance ramp.

The next day we made a return trip to the Grave Creek Mound. It’s for when you don’t feel like a nut.

Signage contains Mound bragging.

Your PopCulteer, seen in his feral state, posing near the Mound, with The West Virginia Penitentiary in the background. Mel didn’t want to be in any photos, as usual.