Our first photo essay from PopCult‘s Spring vacation is a visit to The Official Walking Dead Museum in Senoia, Georgia. We have been here before, and documented it in photos and video (use our search box to the right to find those posts), but since we were last there, three years ago, things have changed.

The Woodbury Shoppe (the official TWD store) used to be located on the ground floor of 48 Main Street, a cool multi-story building in Senoia. In the back of the store there was a set of steps that led down to the lower level, where you would find the museum.

Since our last visit, the spot that The Woodbury Shoppe used to inhabit has been partioned, with the front part becoming home to a new business called Boots and Bling, and the back part becoming the new location of the TWD Museum. Now, you go downstairs to find an expanded Woodbury Shoppe, while the cool exhibits are mostly upstairs.

We’re going to take an updated look at the new space today. This is also where some new walking and golf cart tours devoted to TWD meet before they kick off.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

There’s a tour group just leaving. That means the place ought to be deserted so I can get good photos!

Peeking in through a window, I can see new cabinets with new exhibits.

Another window view shows a cool wall of stuff to examine. Also, you can see the rails for the stairs to The Woodbury Shoppe.

This is how they got so much cool stuff.

The street-level entrance. You can also come up the stairs from the store, which is on the lower level.

Just a few of the many cool props used in the show.

Rick and Lori’s wardrobe from the first season.

They had this before, but it’s still a cool prop, even if this was just the back-up chair that didn’t make it into the show.

Riot Gear from an early season.

Right at the top of the steps from the shoppe, you find this giant wall-sized cabinet filled with TWD goodies, many of them autographed by cast members.

A wall of signed posters, photos and T-shirts.

A closer look into the big cabinet.

Mel has a bunch of this stuff, but it’s not signed.

More coolness.

Lots of cool collectible merch from years past.

Signed photos from beloved cast members.

More signed photos.

Wardrobe for Daryl and Michonne.

State of the art communications device.

More really cool show-used props.

When it comes to Merle’s props, you really gotta hand it to him.

Back before the CDC was famous.

Glenn props. It’s not like he needs them now.

Cool Rick props.

We leave you with an assortment of TWD shirts, which can be purchased by going down those steps, or visiting The Woodbury Shoppe’s website.

In tomorrow’s photo essay, we’re going to visit Barbie Beach. You’ll just have to be patient to see what that is.