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A Two-Stop ArtWalk Photo Essay

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July 20, 2012

This week, we’re bringing you a shorter than usual PopCulteer.  Normally, this is the time of the month when you would get a huge ArtWalk photo essay.  However, this month we found ourselves pinched between sudden and dangerous thunderstorms and a pressing magazine deadline, so we could only make two stops on our normal ArtWalk trek.

We hit Taylor Books, where there was just tons and tons of cool stuff and we stopped by Romano Associates for the BODY: Interior/Exterior Art Exhibition, featuring work by Heidi Richardson Evans, Greg Oxley, and Megan Dailey.

At the two exhibits we visited, crowds were thick and exuberant, which was quite a happy surprise, considering the particularly nasty weather.  We’re going to kick off with a look at BODY: Interior/Exterior Art Exhibition, which is one of the most striking exhibits of the year, and follow up with our visit to Taylor Books Annex Gallery.

BODY: Interior/Exterior Art Exhibition

Taylor Books Annex Gallery

New work by our pal, Eric Pardue!

Charly Hamilton’s big dog!

The wall of Charley is back

Cool stuff by Karla Hackenmiller

An impressive rack of intricate head sculpts by P. Joseph Mullins

An impressive rack of intricate head sculpts by P. Joseph Mullins

Close up of one of Mullins’ heads

A smart aleck would buy this and mail it to George Zimmerman


That’s it for this short PopCulteer. We should be back to what passes for normal next week.



  1. Heidi Richardson Evans

    Thanks to Rudy and all the brave folks who visited Romano & Associates. The turn out was fantastic!

  2. Sharon Lyn Stackpole

    Heidi — your work is stunning!

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