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Act Two: In Which Doris Gets Her Oats

Photo-blogging of the Carmen Dress rehearsals continues, with this scene from Act Two, which shows Carmen partying hearty at Pastia’s Saloon after causing Jose the Soldier to go to jail for her.   You know this is not going to end well.

Below you see Carmen dancing up a storm with her sidekicks Frasquita (Eva Vidavska Kumar) and Mercedes (RFC’s Resident Diva, Melanie Larch).


  1. Elvis Capone

    So why don’t you change the name of your show to RADIO FREE FANCY-PANTS OPERA CONCERT, then? Your audience desires to rock or roll. No more of this foofoorah for rich persons!

    “Did you enjoy this evening’s opry presentation, dearest?”

    “Oh yes, Clement. It was chawmin”.

    “Let us go for cocktails and a light snack of life-prolonging pituitary extract, available only to the very wealthiest of the rich elite people who have super-money and granite countertops”.

    “Dat’s fine by me, Clement”.

    “We’ll ride away in our very large car, which has a cup holder, and a CD changer in the trunk.”.

    “I sho gots me some junk in de trunk all up in hyah, Clement”.

  2. CultureVulture

    Sure, rock, pop, country – the music of the common man, right? What a tired old cliche. Priced any Rolling Stones tickets lately? Tim McGraw? Better take out a loan first.

    Fact is, all types of music have fans throughout the entire range of socioeconomic strata. There are poor classical music fans and PLENTY of wealthy rock fans.

    See, there’s this thing called the baby boom, perhaps you’ve heard of it…manifested in such bizarre phenomena as Dennis Hopper doing investment management commercials.

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