The PopCulteer
February 13, 2015

It was bound to happen. Your PopCulteer is gearing up for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to cover The International Toy Fair in New York City, and right before it’s time to leave, he gets hit with a nasty cold/sinus infection. This is not the same ailment that waylaid me last week. That was stomach-related and only lasted a bit more than a day. This is throbbing, pounding head and sneezes that break glass, and it’s on day three as I write this, about forty-eight hours before we board the Amtrak to NYC.

I’m going anyway, but this has slowed me down a bit. I’m trying to get ahead on things so that my loyal readers don’t have to go without their daily PopCult fix. I’m trying to get ahead on all my regular features before it’s time to hit the road.

Unfortunately, that means that the really cool, long interview that I was planning to run today–a perfect topic for Friday the 13th–will be delayed a week or two so that I can give it the proper attention. However, all our regular features should be in place while I’m away. It’s just that today’s PopCulteer might seem a bit skimpy. But, as they say, on with the show!


We had a killer episode of The RFC MINI SHOW posted earlier this week. Starring in it was The Company Stores, one of the hottest new bands in town. So far not a lot of people have watched this. It’s been nearly two months since Radio Free Charleston has been mentioned in the print version of The Gazz, and I’ve had people ask me if I’m still doing the show since they don’t see it in the paper anymore.

I’m still cranking out Radio Free Charleston and The RFC MINI SHOW, taking off only one week for Christmas. Hopefully The Gazette will find it in their hearts to acknowledge us in print again someday.

Pre-Toy Fair Hype

You might get a little of that in this weekend’s PopCult Toybox, but I’ve been keeping it to a minimum because I fully expect everyone to get sick of how much I will be writing about it after I get back.

Stuff To Do

This is the big thing for Mr. and Mrs. PopCulteer…


There’s also a great play opening tonight at The Alban Arts Center in Saint Albans. Read about it HERE and watch this short trailer…

As for the rest of the weekend, many bars in town are doing special Valentine’s Day parties with many different artists rotating around, so if you don’t see your usual hangout here, that’s probably what they’re up to.





That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer, check back regularly over the next few days because we’re on autopilot and may very well fly into the side of a mountain.