Mel Larch’s MIRRORBALL, a Disco Music special which debuted last Friday on The AIR turned out to be so popular that it will return as a series of AIR Music Specials over the next few months. To celebrate, we are scheduling an encore today at 3 PM on The AIR, which you can listen to at The AIR website, or on this shiny and sexy embedded radio player…

Because of the MIRRORBALL encore, Mel’s other show, Curtain Call, is skipping a week in it’s series of tribute episodes to Stephen Sondheim. That will be back next week.

Also new on The AIR this week, you can expect another edition of Rudy & Mel’s Shut-in Show, plus classic episodes of our other programming. I would tell you what’s on the Shut-in Show, but we don’t record those until hours before they air, so there’s no telling what we’ll be talking about.

Thursday afternoon we will be running the latest Radio Free Charleston, which is a nostalgic throwback to an original broadcast episode of the show from just over thirty years ago. You can read about that HERE.

You can also listen to that show, along with many of our recent programs on-demand at the “Podcast” section of The AIR website.

Next week we are planning to bring you new episodes of all of our music specialty programs. This week The Haversham Recording Institute in London is being deep-cleaned, and Herman Linte, Sydney Fileen, Nigel Pye and the Haversham crew will all be returning to their studio in a day or so, rather than working from their homes. We’re hoping Steven Allen Adams will be able to give us a new NOISE BRIGADE, and we’ll also bring you fresh editions of our other shows.

We are trying to be here for you, helping to fill the time while you’re staying safe at home during the pandemic.