The AIR Friday Schedule

usa-sydneyFriday on The AIR once again makes the world safe for cool people as we hit listeners with the double shot of Sydney Fileen with her Big Electric Cat and DJ Betty Rock with Radio Coolsville.   You can tune in at The AIR Website, or just settle down right here on this embedded radio player…

Friday at 3 PM we present a brand-new episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat with a special theme: All the New Wave Music in this special program originates in the good-old USA. It’s an All-American edition of the show, as your presenter, Sydney Fileen, crafts an All-American playlist that includes The Cars, The GoGos, DEVO, Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, Wall of VooDoo and more.

You’ll find the playlist at the bottom of this post (below the jump) and it’s bound to make your heart swell with patriotic pride, which as you may have noticed, is in pretty short supply these days.

Joining Sydney on Friday afternoons is DJ Betty Rock and Radio Coolsville. DJ Betty’s show, which originates out of WMUL in Huntington, is chugging along in its new one-hour format, still chock-full of the coolest Alternative-inflected music you’ll find. Radio Coolsville will debut a new episode every Friday at 5 PM, with replays throughout the week.

At 6 PM tonight, it’s another half-hour of The New Music Show, and at 6:30 PM we bring you The Crazy Show. At 7 PM, this week, we’re bringing you a special replay Radio Free Charleston, and at 8 PM we continue The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with hour four.

9 PM sees a full hour of The Third Shift with Jay and Jared. Check this show our for the wildest conversations about beer, babes, gadgetry and the latest news from the world of the key demographic. At 10 PM we offer up a replay of this week’s Radio Free Charleston International. Midnight brings you an all-night dose of a very special brand of Crazy.

It’s a killer line up of great new stuff on The AIR. Here’s the playlist for Sydney’s All-American Big Electric Cat:

The GoGos  “We Got The Beat”
Talking Heads  “Burning Down The House”
DEVO  “Whip It”
Oingo Boingo  “Weird Science”
The Ramones  “Pet Cemetary”
The Toasters  “Recriminations”
Wall of Voodoo  “Far Side of Crazy”
Pere Ubu  “Birdies”
Pell Mell  “Cinnecitta”
The B 52s  “Cake”
Red Hot Chili Peppers  “American Ghost Dance”
Moon and Frank Zappa  “Valley Girl”
The Tubes  “She’s A Beauty”
The Cars “Let’s Go”
The Motels  “Suddenly Last Summer”
The Bangles  “Walk Like An Egyptian”
Utopia  “Hammer In My Heart”
Kid Creole & The Coconuts  “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy”
The Flirts  “We Just Want To Dance”
Divine  “Shake It Up”
The Dickies  “Stukas Over Disneyland”
Agent Orange “Bloodstains”
The Plasmatics  “Butcher Baby”
Black Flag  “Southern Rise”
The Dead Kennedys  “Kill The Poor”
Redd Kross  “Linda Blair 1984”
The Units  “Tight Fit”