A cool Tryptich by Traci Higgenbottom at Art Emporium

The PopCulteer
December 17, 2010

ArtWalk happened last night, but due to the onslaught of Winter weather, it’s going to happen again next week. Thursday December 23, from 5 to 8 PM, will see the second ArtWalk of the month. This is the rare “Blue ArtWalk” that only happens every 13 years.

Melanie Larch and I braved the harsh cold and nasty snow, and made two early stops for ArtWalk: The Purple Moon and The Art Emporium. We then stopped in The Vandalia Grille to warm up and have dinner, and the meal was so good that we decided to cut our losses and head home.

That’s why you’re only getting a partial ArtWalk Photo Essay this week, but we do plan to visit the other galleries in tiime for a special “Pre-second Artwalk of the month” edition of The PopCulteer next Thursday, so we can take Christmas Eve off.

So check out part of ArtWalk, and then read PopCult every day as our 2010 Gift Guide wraps up and we return to our regular features. But follow the jump for our mini-photo essay of the ArtWalk without a Santa Claus.

Ian bode and Dave Thomas are featured in the "Man We Was Lonely" exhibit at Art Emporium

Here's a small part of "Man We Was Lonely"

One of Ian and Dave's collaborations

A large solo piece by Ian Bode

One of Ian's small (and very affordable) pieces

You can also still find postcards, calendars and paintings by Clayton Spangler at Art Emporium

The Aluminum Forest has once again sprouted at The Purple Moon

Brilliant new work by Joe Bolyard is the highlight at The Purple Moon this month

Retro-futuristic holiday cheer abounds at The Purple Moon

The Purple Moon has an exciting collection of work by their most noted artists on display in time for holiday gift-giving. Above you see work by Felix Krasyk

A whole room is devoted to one of PopCult's favorite people, Sharon Lyn Stackpole

The late Hankk Keeling is well-represented at The Purple Moon

Pat Wolford's amazing fabric pieces are sprinkled throughout the Purple Moon and the Over The Moon Gallery

As always, The Purple Moon has an astonishing array of collectible glass

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer.  We’re going to forego the usual run-down of local bands this week because the weather is making a lot of those shows look questionable. Check the calendar here at The Gazette to see who’s playing, but call first to see if the shows are still on, and please drive carefully.