My Melanie

Seven years ago today, I married Melanie Larch.

We didn’t tell many people in advance. My brother and sisters knew. A handful of close friends were clued in. I blurted it out to the band, Farnsworth, when I was working on a music video for them, but quickly swore them to secrecy. It was pretty much a stealth wedding.

On the day we got married, I had slotted in a post that collected several videos of Ideal’s Motoriffic toy,  just so folks wouldn’t know what we were up to.

We took the train to Chicago, got our license the day before, and on the 26th of August, we hopped in a cab to to Steppenwolf Theater, where at 11 AM we were married on the set of the play, “The Qualms,” by our new friend Lauren Sivak, and Mel and I began living happily ever after.

We got back to the hotel, announced our wedding on Facebook, and watched our little corner of the internet explode. Then that night we went back to Steppenwolf to see “The Qualms,” and met Tim Kazurinsky while waiting in line for our tickets.

I wrote about the whole thing in advance, but had the post scheduled to drop a day later. You can see it HERE.

And today, we are off, once again, this time for a stealth anniversary in an undisclosed location.  I might tell you about it when I get back. I might not. In the meantime, you have fresh content here in PopCult (you’re soaking in it), and there are new programs on The AIR.

So…that’s pretty much it. I was going to post a book review in this space, but I didn’t have time to read the book yet, so you get this post.