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This week Radio Free Charleston presents music from Anthony Hoey, Diablo Blues Band and The Company Stores, plus animation from the RFC vault and more. It’s time for “Hellblinki Doll Head Shirt.”

We begin with a look at the cutting-edge technology that allows us to pipe Radio Free Charleston into your homes.


Irish-born Anthony Hoey was living in Charleston seven years ago when I first met him and we planned to hook up so I could have him on RFC. Before that could happen Anthony moved to Columbus. Since then he’s spent time on the West Coast, in New York and in Dublin, Ireland before returning to Charleston just a few months ago.

We caught up with him at Third Eye Cabaret, which was being broadcast live on New Appalachia Radio–the home of Radio Free Charleston: Volume Three, and now seven years after we’d planned it, Anthony Hoey is finally on RFC with his song, “Parasites.”

Image4Our first bit of animation this week is from the vaults. It’s more work by the late Third Mind Incarnation. Remember, Tuesday night is Hooka night.

Diablo Blues Band are old friends of RFC, and we’re glad to have them on this week in a video provided by Empty Glass Records. This clip, shot by David Stephenson and Jamie Skeen, features their song, “Diablo Blues,” which can be heard on their new live CD.


You can go to the Diable Blues Band CD release party for “We never heard of you, either,” this coming Friday at 10 PM at The Blue Parrot, with an additional show December 7 at The Empty Glass.

Image7We dip back into the vaults for some vintage animation from Frank Panucci, which has been remastered to be in widescreen. “Lax: Gold Disc” is supposed to be relaxing or something.


Playing us out this week is The Company Stores, another hot Charleston band with a CD available. We recorded the band last June at FestivAll, in Davis Park. This is a band that we hope to record proper sometime, but this recording of their cover of “Billie Jean” is not too shabby. I like it better than the original.

Remember that you can now listen to Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachia Radio at Voices of Appalachia, and follow us on Facebook and right here in the much-read PopCult blog.