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RFCv3 on the Radio: Week Three

New Logo 107This week you can tune in to Radio Free Charleston Volume Three at New Appalachia Radio and hear our new two-hour format! The show streams at 10 AM and 10 PM every Tuesday at New Appalachia Radio on the Voices of Appalachia site. Replays are Thursday nights at midnight and late Saturday night at 2 AM.

Update: You can listen to this show now in the Voices of Appalachia archive HERE.

You can listen to New Appalchia Radio HERE and look for our previous shows HERE.

egrecOur expanded format will allow us to bring you a themed hour of music each week, and this week that theme is “Live at The Empty Glass.” All of the music in our second hour was recorded live at the legendary East End music venue. Much of it was provided by our friends at Empty Glass Records, but some of it was dredged up from the RFC Archives.

Here is the playlist for this week’s show:

Hour One

The Big Bad “Shine The Signal”
Time And Distance “Little Disaster”
The Science Fair Explosion “Cosmic Girls”
Joe Vallina “Suzy Said So”

Marcie Bullock “Maybe Just Crazy”
Granny’s 12-Gauge “Dear Devil”
The Boatmen “Another New Year’s Alone”
Ouralias “Daydream”

Scooter Scudieri “Ancient Rituals”
Mother Nang “Fade”
John Radcliff “It’s Not The End”
69 Fingers “Faster and Stronger”

Sarah Schlies “Child, My Child”
Sasha Collete “You Had Me”
Crack The Sky “We Want Mine”

Hour Two (Live from The Empty Glass)

Unknown Hinson “Silver Platter”
The Bible Beaters “Praise Jesus”
The Living Deads “Right Behind You, Baby”
The Big Bad “Babe We Own This Town”

Scrap Iron Pickers “Spy vs. Spy”
Snakebox “Party on the Roof”
Andrew Hellblinki “Bodies”
Tyler Childers “Charleston Girl”

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands “Little Name”
Mike Pushkin “Wrecking Ball”
Little Nomad “Take Me Down To The Riverside”

The Nanker Phelge “That’s What She Said”
Elephant in the Room “Ghost Town”
Ovada “Church of Paranoia”
The Company Stores “No Middle Name

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  1. Joe Vallina

    Good to see you back in your natural environment, Rudy!!! Will have more music coming your way post Xmas!

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