Beginning Friday, the Alban Arts Center presents Sophocles Ancient Greek Tragedy, “Antigone.”  (full disclosure: Your PopCulteer’s significant other is in the cast). This classic play can be seen Friday and Saturday, April 25, 26 and May 2, 3 at 8PM, with Sunday Matinees on April 27 and May 4 at 2PM.

“Antigone” details the final days of the doomed Greek princess, Antigone. Written in 441 B.C., this classical masterpiece asks the question of which is more important: the laws of government, or the laws of the divine? Antigone risks her life to give her brother a proper burial, after the new king of Thebes declares him a traitor and should be left unburied after a war which tore the family apart. After being caught in the act, she reminds the new king, her family and the townspeople that she owes more to laws of the gods and the souls of the dead, because the afterlife is forever, than she does to the politically driven laws of the new government. This ethical dilemma shows the frailty of human life and how choices create change, and reminds us that pride does indeed go before catastrophe. Tickets are $15 for Adults and $10 for Students/Seniors. Tickets can be ordered online HERE.

This should be another stellar production from The Alban. The clip above was shot Sunday afternoon, and can also be seen in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston.

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