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Art delayed–here are some great photos from a great day of music, instead

Monday Morning Art will go up Tuesday Afternoon this week. I’m working on a project related to the Emily Gunter-Haynes benefit from yesterday, but the details won’t be finalized until tomorrow, so to tide you over, here’s a photo essay featuring some of the sights from yesterday’s show at the Blue Parrot. The show was rousing success and the vibes were amazing and positive all day long. We got to see friends like Sean Richardson and Karen Allen and local bloggers Jackie Lantern and Scarlett Tanager. Filmmaker Eamon Hardiman was there, and promised to contribute a short film to a future RFC. We even saw a few members of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, and “Symphony Idol” winner Ryan Hardiman.

Above you see The Spurgie Hankins Band. We recorded a few tunes by Spurgie that you’ll get to see on future episodes of Radio Free Charleston. Below is a shot of The Synergy Collective, who you can see on the most recent RFC.

 More pics following the jump:

Here’s some of the artwork and other cool things that were up for auction.

The VooDoo Katz turned in a great set, as usual.

Kai Haynes, from the Katz, delivered an astounding vocal during their finale.

The Tom Batchelor Band, from Morgantown, laid down a wonderful Reggae vibe, complete with steel drum.

Past RFC guest Mark Bates peformed with his band, The Vacancies.

Here’s another shot of Spurgie and the boys.

And we’ll leave you with another photo of The Synergy Collective, who used electric guitars for the first time that we’ve seen, and they sounded great. Check PopCult tomorrow for art and more info on how to help Emily.


  1. Jackie

    Great pics Rudy! And it was awesome to finally meet you 😀

    Hopefully I’ll be a little more sober and coherent next time 😀

  2. oldfatjeff

    Rudy, you ROCK! Thanks for the pics and the coverage! BTW I still have quite a few of those framed and matted pics!

  3. emily

    Tears of love and joy and at least we got the bills paid this month…….Love to all friends, family, and musicians.

  4. T.J. King

    What a wonderful day at the Blue Parrot! After just coming off of the “flu funk” that went around, this day served as such a rejuvination for me. All the musicians gave their all, and the art was uplifting to benefit Emily and Jeff!

    Thanks for documenting it for everyone, Rudy.


  5. Emily



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