The PopCulteer
May 21, 2010

Slacking Off This Week

Okay, I’ll level with you. I am buried under work, mainly on RFC 100. I was able to make a cursory run at ArtWalk Thursday evening, but I had to rush through, since we were shooting host segments for our big milestone episode later that night.

So the only thing you’re getting in The PopCulteer this week is a photo essay on ArtWalk, with little in the way of comments.  At the very end of the column, you’ll see some more preview images from Radio Free Charleston 100, which will go live next week.

The image at right is some of Bob Rosier’s work, as seen at Visions Day Spa.

Visions Day Spa

There was some terrific new work on display at Visions, particularly a new set of vases by Ron Hinkle.

Shawn Romano and Associates

There was plenty of new work at Shawn’s law office/art space, including neat paintings inspired by Charlie Manson and William Burroughs.

Taylor Books Annex Gallery

Taylor Books presented some incredible photo-realistic oil paintings by Naijun Zhang.

Art Emporium

There is some remarkable photography and art on display at The Art Emporium, some of the coolest imagery is from Kerry Bingham.

The Purple Moon

New work at The Purple Moon included some great new pieces from Kerry Beary, the first-ever West Virginia show by Diane Martens, work from her father, Bob Martens and cool jewelry and blown-glass pieces from Leisa Angel.

Stray Dog Antiques

Stray Dog is showing off an amazing collection of vintage advertising lithographs. Chicken Chow, dude, it rocks! (They have a cool collection of globes, too.)

Good News Mountaineer Garage

Tom Acosta showed his “American Realism” paintings at GNMG, and they were striking.

Radio Free Charleston 100

Coming next week.