10256438_762243323809941_1691789147068721091_oWell, in truth Downtown Charleston’s ArtWalk returned last month, but I was too wiped out from JoeLanta to attend, so for your PopCulteer this will be the first ArtWalk of 2014.

It’s also the first ArtWalk for Centered Pilates, at 225 Hale Street. They will be playing host to Razor Sharp Studios and WVIFF. At Centered Pilates you will see artwork and goods from Charleston’s local horror auteurs, Razor Sharp Studios. Come see (and purchase!) zombie babies, original noir photography, high-quality poster prints, and much more!

Vincent Renfield, of the horror-themed band The Renfields, will be playing a live acoustic set in the street. There will be a screening room with a short film by Razor Sharp and previews of films from the upcoming festival!

WVIFF will have information, t-shirts, and tickets for the upcoming festival that runs from May 9-17.

ArtWalk is the monthly walking tour of art galleries and art-friendly spaces in Downtown Charleston. Usually taking place the third Thursday of each month, ArtWalk is when the galleries are all open after normal business hours. The adult beverages and knoshes flow freely and all good peoples come out in droves to soak up the culture like sponges. Many galleries hold their openings or schedule special events during this time. It’s a wonderful time for an art-filled stroll.

Thre are loads of events happening this month. Here’s a list of the other participating venues withcontact numbers…

Art Emporium 823 Quarrier St., 304-345-2787

West Virginia Executive 8 Capitol Street Suite 200, 304-941-0600

The Purple Moon/Modern By Design 906 Quarrier St., 304-345-0123

Gallery Eleven 1025 Quarrier St., 304-342-0083

Tony the Tailor 822 Virginia St., 304-741-0980

Mission Savvy 202 Hale St., 304-343-4253

Stray Dog Antiques 219 Hale St., 304-346-1534

Chet Lowther Studio 223 Hale St., 304-941-6704

Visions Day Spa 238 Capitol St., 304-345-5620

Romano & Associates 230 Capitol St., 304-345-2626

Annex Gallery and Taylor Books 226 Capitol St., 304-342-1461

Christina DiFilippo at Zando’s Catering Unlimited
241 Capitol St., 304-545-6364

Delfine’s Jewelry 245 Capitol St., 304-343-5058

Good News Mountaineer Garage 222 Hale St., 304-344-8445

Ivor’s Trunk 819 Lee St., 304-342-5867

Charleston Ballet 100 Capitol St., 304-342-6541

Capitol Conference Center 815 Lee St., 304-344-2246

Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation 900 Lee St., Suite 1600,

Woomer, Nistendirk & Associates 231 Capitol St., 304-342-2006

Uncork & Create 1031 Quarrier St., 304-552-3331

Timothy’s/Quarrier Diner 1022 Quarrier Street., 304-343-5686

Hope Village Fair Trade Boutique at First Presbyterian Church
16 Leon Sullivan Way, 304-343-8961

Running concurrently with part of ArtWalk is “Drinks and Dice” at Timothy’s, starting at 7 PM. Following up on the success of International Tabletop Day at Kanawha Players, the organizers of that event are teaming up with Timothy’s located under Quarrier Diner to make a gaming event with new games, prizes and camaraderie a regular thing.

Tomorrow will also see the second annual Earth Day Invitational art show at Apartment Earth Studios, 223 1/2 Hale Street.


Curator Nik Botkin explains,”Not only is this the 2nd annual invitational for Earth Day, it is also my 2nd anniversary in the studio. I have reached out to many artists ranging from painters and sculptors, to performers and writers, as well as musicians and dancers. This exhibit will span the a broad range of arts and individuals. I have work from local artists as well as from Florida, Texas, Illinois and many other places.

“As of right now the artists include Paul Corbit Brown Elizabeth Turner, Betty Gay, Todd Griffith, Edward Botkin, Staci Leech-Cornell, Megan Schultz, Scott McMillian, Tandi Stephens, Chris Dutch, Katheryne Hawkins, Amanda Jane Miller, Ian Hagarty, Michael Burns, RK Arceneaux, Jeff Pierson, Carrie Dawson, Amy Williams, Andy Sanchez, Justin Fowlkes, Wesley Eary, Gregg Oxley, Jamie Miller, David Stephenson, Glen Brogan, Robby Moore, Melissa Ellsworth, Jodi McMillion, Charly Hamilton, Liza Samples, Laura Alvis, Tuesday Taylor, Jason Myer, Washboard Dave, Ian Bode, Dre McLeod, Gary Hilliard Needham, Mark Wolfe, Adam Eldridge, Jake Fertig, Frank Spilker, Beth Summers, Kevin Crump, Billy Hambleton, Katherine Cox, Adrian DeQuiros, Andrea Anderson, and Nik Botkin. This list will fluctuate a little between now and the show, but as you can see there will be a ton of work and performance to feast your eyes upon!”

After ArtWalk, there will be live music at Third Eye Cabaret…


And later, more live music at The Empty Glass…


So you can see, there’s plenty to do Thursday night in Charleston.