atlanta logoToday’s programming on Appalachian Independent Radio is brought to you by the letter “A.” On The Road With Mel welcomes a special guest and looks back at a recent trip to Atlanta.  The Booster Pack tells you everything you need to know about anime.

At 1 PM, On The Road with Mel is invaded by Word Association With Lee and Rudy this week.  By way of explanation, Lee Harrah, the co-star of AI Radio’s Word Association With Lee and Rudy joined Mel Larch and her husband, Rudy Panucci, the author of the PopCult blog and the other star of Word Association With Lee and Rudy, on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Joelanta and the Great Atlanta Toy Convention and to visit shooting locations for the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead.

In this episode of On The Road With Mel, Lee and Rudy have a roundtable discussion with Mel to discuss how much fun they had on this trip. Luigi even tags along to make sure they don’t go on too long.

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anime logoToday on a new episode of The Booster Pack, Chase Henderson and Terry Bartley are joined by Susie Sketchman to talk about the history and different genres within anime.

Japanese animation has been a huge influence on pop culture in America since it went from being a cult item in the 1960’s and 70’s to being a major cultural phenomenon when Pokemon exploded twenty years ago.  Chase, Terry, and Susie talk about anime from the perspective of people who grew up with it their whole lives.

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