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Danny Boyd, fighting with GI Joe to see who can get mentioned more in PopCult

This week’s book recommendation is not exactly a review. It would be disingenuous to claim to be objective when writing about a book that includes the work of so many friends, some of them dating back thirty years, so you’ll just have to take that into account while I plug one more book signing by Daniel Boyd and his gang for “Chillers 2,” his new graphic novel.

Danny and company will be at Taylor Books this Friday, from 7 to 9 PM, signing copies of “Chillers” and possibly some other works.

“Chillers Volume Two” is yet another collection of horror-themed morality tales, based on Danny’s cult classic 1987 movie, “Chillers.” Behind a great cover by Bill Richardson, we are treated to stories written by Boyd, Richardson, William Bitner, Jason Pell, Robert Tinnell, Frank Larnerd, Gary Reed and Katarina Dedicova.

The black-and-white presentation pays homage to the Warren Magazines and Eerie Publications that Boyd grew up reading. Each story tells the tales of evil-doers who wind up on Peterr Jesus’ bus to Hell.

“Chillers Volume Two” is great fun fo the fan of the classic horror mags of the 1970s, and it’s a wonderful local project. You ought to come out and support the local talent at the book signing this Friday.

Chillers Volume Two
Edited by Daniel Boyd
ISBN: 978-0-9857493-6-1

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